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Recent Images 2/12/2018
Lunar Eclipse 1/31/2018Lunar Eclipse - Janurary 31, 2018 . Lunar eclipses happen several times each year, but the eclipse of 1/31/2018 was special.  The full moon of 1/31 was the second full moon of the month, making it a BLUE moon.  In addition, the moon was at perigee (closeset approach to earth), making it a SUPER moon.  And the moon was totally eclipsed for much of North America, with observers in western states favored.  The totally eclipsed moon is often referred to as the BLOOD moon, because of the dark red coloration as it passes through the earth's shadow.
This image is a montage of the eclipse progressing, as viewed from my backyard in Tucson AZ.  Moonset coincided with sunrise so only the ingress portion of the eclipse was visible.  A Canon 50D at prime focus of a Takahashi FSQ-106, f/5, ISO 100 with various exposures was used to capture the images.   Processing was done in LightRoom 5 and Photoshop 6.


This page illustrates what can be photographed using amateur telescopes and a CCD camera.  I currently use an SBIG STL11000M camera and have previously used SBIG and Starlight Xpress cameras, as well as a Cookbook 245 camera that I built myself.  Many of the images o this web site were taken from my backyard near a busy street with several street lights.  Not only is the CCD camera a great imaging tool, but it allows "real time" observation of objects not normally visible in areas with moderate-severe light pollution.