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NGC 2024 Flame Nebula and Alnitak (ζ) in Orion
Date Jan 2 - 4, 2012
Exposure HαLRGB 405:25:25:25:25  (cropped)
Camera STL11000M with Astronomik filters
Telescope ASA 10N f/3.7 on AP900GTO CP3
Guiding Remote guide head with MiniBorg 50 mm
Processing MaximDL, Photoshop CS5, GradientXterminator,AstroActions
Comments Moderate to cold temperature; 1st quarter moon high in the sky for Hα

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NGC 2024 Flame Nebula in Orion
Date 1/3/2006
Exposure LRGB 19:7:8:8
Camera SXV-H9 with Schuler filters
Telescope Starmaster V11 on Losmandy G11 w/Gemini
Guiding unguided
Processing MaximDL, Photoshop CS, FITS Liberator, Astro Actions
Comments Cold and windy, moderate seeing

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NGC 2024 'Flame'  Nebula in Orion
Date 10/16/2004
Exposure LRGB 10:3:3:4  (L synthesized from R+G+B, binned 1x1)
Camera SXV-H9 w/ Schuler filters
Telescope Takahashi FC-76 @ f/5.9 on Losmandy G11
Guiding unguided 
Processing MaximDL,   Photoshop 
Comments Clear and cold, taken as twilight was beginning