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NGC 7822, CED 214, & Sh2-171
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CED 214 (NGC 7822) Emission nebulae in Cassiopeia
Date October 28 - November 5, 2009
Exposure SIIHαOIII 180:360:360 (unbinned)
Camera STL11000M with Baader narror band filters
Telescope ASA 10N f/3.7 on Losmandy G11 with Gemini
Guiding External guide head and mini Borg 50mm
Processing MaximDL, PhotoshopCS3, GradientXterminator, FITS Liberator
Comments  Nearly full moon each night; Berk 59 cluster at top right

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NGC 7822 & Sh2-171 Emission nebulae in Cassiopeia
Date November 16 & 17, 2007
Exposure HαRGB 120:9:12:27 (unbinned; Hα used for luminace & combined with Red)
Camera STL11000M with Astronomik filters
Telescope Takahahi Sky90 f/4.5 on Losmandy G11 with Gemini
Guiding External guide head and E-finder
Processing MaximDL, PhotoshopCS2, AstroActions, FITS Liberator
Comments Moderate seeing; first quarter moon in sky; plenty of light pollution gradients

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NGC 7822 and CED 214
Date 7/31/2005
Exposure HaRGB 90:15:15:20 (Ha + R 50/50; Ha = Lum)
Camera SXV-H9 with Schuler filters on Losmandy G11 w/Gemini
Telescope Takahashi Sky90 f/4.5
Guiding ST-4
Processing MaximDL, Photoshop CS, FITS Liberator
Comments Mild and clear with good transparency